With a Dubli Work From Home Business You Have Everything to Gain and Very Little to Lose

So what’s the worst that can happen if you invest in one of the Dubli Business Associate (BA) packages? You will have invested in one of the three packages on offer and will have spent between $750 US and $3170 US and have ended up with a stash of Dubli shopping credits (the number of credits depends upon which package you purchase). You can then start to give away your credits or use them yourself to either reveal the low prices of items you want to purchase or to place bids in the lowest unique bid section on the Dubli website. If you are successful in landing some great bargains you may even break even. So as worst possible outcomes go I believe that this is still pretty good and makes it a relatively low risk business investment.

So what’s the best thing that can happen? You will have joined one of the newest “work from home” businesses with the best compensation plan I have found. From the research I have conducted I can see that Dubli is currently invested heavily in its training and support infrastructure. Dubli will soon have in place a comprehensive package of short training videos for its BA’s. I anticipate that these videos will be available in various languages so that BA’s can build an international business. I believe that Dubli realises that for it to succeed long term Dubli must enable its BA’s to be successful long term.

In my review of this business opportunity the BA’s that I spoke at length to appeared to be making a very healthy return on their relatively modest investment. I say it’s modest when it’s compared to an investment in a traditional bricks and mortar business. HULT PRIVATE

I know only too well that there is a plethora of choices out there when it comes to choosing a work from home business opportunity. So you need to do your research and due diligence before making your final decision. Dublis strength is that it appeals to and makes sense to everyday people. As a BA your primary role is to educate the community about the amazing and fun shopping opportunity that Dubli offers. I suggest as part of your research you get on the phone or skype and talk to people who are already in the business. Any BA worth their salt will make a concerted effort to answer all your questions about the business.

If you are someone who is business minded the option of viewing a webinar that explains in detail the Dubli system may be time well spent for you to see for yourself the calibre of this business opportunity and to then to chat to the person that sent you to the webinar (hopefully that will be me).

As for any big decisions you make, at the end of the day you need to feel that you have made an “informed decision” whether this particular work from home opportunity is for you or not. Do your research, have your questions answered, watch the webinars and talk to lots of people already in the business about the pros and cons of this business model.

Richard D Williams is a Dubli Business Associate and a trusted Registered Nurse in rural Australia. If you would like to know more about either the Dubli shopping opportunity (I can email you some FREE Dubli shopping credits) or the business opportunity, please send an email via his website¬† or a direct message via twitter at Richard’s twitter account “WhatIsDubli”.

Each week there are free 1 hour webinars covering all aspects of Dubli the links for these are posted on Richard’s twitter account. This is your opportunity to literally be one of the first in line for this unique ground floor opportunity with a tried and tested and rapidly expanding international company


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