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Monday Aug 15, 2022

Why Family Style Cookbooks Are a Great Fundraising Idea

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Family style cookbooks have been one of the most successful fundraising ideas for decades. The cookbooks are professional looking and filled with best recipes from the finest cooks in your organization or community. No wonder they are so popular! Personalized cookbooks were being published as far back as 1947. Obviously, any fundraising product that has been around for over half a century must be good.

It Is More Than “Just Another Cookbook”

A great cookbook is more than a collection of favorite recipes. It’s a book that is well organized, easy to read and easy to use. A reputable cookbook publisher will have the expertise and options to guide you through the process of creating the perfect product. Publishing a fundraising cookbook for your organization lets you create an effective means of promoting your organization, and earn fast and easy profits! In fact, one cookbook publisher even offers a guarantee. Yes, in10sityfitnessunited you read that right. A guarantee. If you follow their suggestions they promise that you will at least break even. You have nothing to lose, and much to gain.

A Few Of The Many Details

Creating a family cookbook isn’t rocket science, but it always is a much more smooth experience if you are organized. The basic steps are:


  • Form Your Cookbook Committee
  • Gather And Organize Your Recipes
  • Design Your Cookbook
  • Sell Advertising
  • Place Your Order
  • Market Your Cookbook


Some of the categories above are self-explanatory, while others are not. Take “Sell Advertising,” for example. Though not a mandatory step, it can make your fundraiser a great deal more successful. As you are designing and collecting recipes, you can contact potential advertisers and see if they are interested in buying ads in your cookbook. Their ads will appear on special pages in the cookbook, but unlike some advertisements, these don’t immediately go away like a radio, TV, or newspaper ads. People will see the ad in the cookbook for years to come. You’ll be surprised at how eager many businesses will be to be sponsors for your project.

“Market Your Cookbook” means that you can start selling them prior to them being printed. In other words, advanced sales. Local businesses can put up posters that explain how people can order the cookbooks ahead of time. When they are finally published the businesses can put up displays of the books for sale.

Once you have your cookbooks in hand you can do like my organization did. We sold them from a booth at the county fair, and at several street fairs held in our community. They practically sold themselves.

Remember – It Is A Fundraiser

That fact alone makes it easy to sell a quality family style cookbook. People are naturally generous when it comes to fundraising, but if you provide them with a quality product in return they will be even more anxious to help out.

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