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Sunday May 22, 2022

The Cure For Shyness Handicap to Healthy Conversations

“Shyness” come from the word “shy” which according to the Oxford Dictionary mean “Feeling uneasy and uncomfortable in the presence of others.” All of us know at least one shy person around Why, it could be even you. If you start perspiring or your heart starts beating faster or you feel like hiding under the table at the sight of seeing people coming from far then you belong to the “shy” group.

Whatever the cause, you must start somewhere to overcome your shyness. So how about starting with a smile? Smile at people. There is no need to grin like a Cheshire cat. A sincere smile – the kind which wrinkles the corners of your eyes will do just nice. Smile as you enter the room full of people, smile at the grumpy bus driver, the cashier at the supermarket counter, the despatch boy and to many others for a start to show your sweet smile. Some people may not smile back in return but don’t worry and try others.

The next step is to introduce yourself. Even if you are those who collapses the moment someone says “hello”, you must take the initiative to begin a conversation. A simple introduction of yourself will do and put out your hand. A warm and sensitive person will respond to your introduction immediately, and after that it will be plain and goes smoothly. If there is n any response, do not be upset. Just assume that he or she is not worth your time after all.

Once you have gone this daring procedure of introducing yourself, you will find it easier to move around and talk to people. Do not despair and it is sufficient you can speak to few people. Before you go to attend for a function, read some interesting topics such music, Pinoy Tv movies, sports and some prominent issues happen in the country. If you make a mistake and somebody say it out don’t be shy to apologise immediately. For goodness sake please don’ cry.

Don’t ever twist your hair or shuffle your feet or chew your lips when meeting people because this sign show your nervousness. And frankly speaking, they are also downright irritating. But if you feel that you need to hold to something you could perhaps hold your hand together. The main idea here is to make you meet more people in order to throw away your shyness habit. Accept invitations to weddings, parties and any events where you are able to meet more interesting people. The same thing goes to student. Student who always escape from teachers especially during asking questions sessions. Maybe you can murmur the answer to yourself or even whisper to your friend who sits next to you and make yourself look bright and look intelligent in the class.Well it is time to change yourself, should you know the answer raise your hand up and answer the question without feeling shy.. Volunteer to take part in any school concerts and any sports.

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