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Sunday May 22, 2022

The Cancer Fighter in Fresh Food Your Doctor Never Mentions

June is Fruits and Vegetables month. Paying homage to this fact can get you moving in a health wise direction of never having to fight cancer.

A major gift of fruits and vegetables is that they effortlessly help to keep the Hydrogen Ion Concentration (pH) of the blood in its normal range of pH 7.4. The pH range is measured from 1 – 14 with pH 1 being very acidic with foods like coffee and coke between 1 – 4 and pH 14 being very alkaline. This simple pH monitor plays an important role in your overall health. And, it is mostly over looked as a measure of great health by the medical industry… Also fresh food as a cancer fighter is not usually mentioned by medical professionals.

So seize this idea to celebrate you and all you do for your body. Start by contemplating and substituting some body friendly foods, and possible a new lifestyle habit which can secure your total health as you age. This singular act can also eliminate the possibility of having to fight cancer. In fact, I suggest that you make a Fresh Fruits and Vegetables banner and do your own march in honor of prevention of cancer.

What’s so important about Hydrogen Ion (pH) you might ask? Think about this, people with disease from fungal infections, acid reflux to cancer usually have acid blood with pH below 7. Plus, doctors don’t use blood pH as a measure of good health, and most medications contribute to blood acidity creating an unhealthy cellular environment…

I spent 7 years of my life of doing cancer research while being intimate with the needs of human cells. This is how I came to appreciate the importance of blood Hydrogen Ion (pH). Human cells will absolute not thrive in an acidic pH environment in your body and this criteria can lead to a host of ailments and diseases like cancer. Are you beginning to see where this ball in entirely in your court?

Luckily for you this is easy, inexpensive and totally within your control. So, take a bold step forward, rearrange your mindset and really document what you have been eating during the winter. Then hit the farmer’s market or even your local health food grocery store in a search…

Here you can pick up seasonal fruits and vegetables of different colors and weave them into your menu. Substitute a handful of luscious cherries for a slice of cherry pie. Sugar contributes to blood acidity. So consider this… For the cost of a pie your will get so much more in nutritional value, without even turning on your oven.

Let’s not talk about ‘can’t cook and hating health food’. Eating garden cup Fresh food is about following the seasonal divine plan. Obviously we were not designed to eat the same fare like hamburgers, and French fries all year long, or we would not have been given the God given gifts of fruits and vegetables in different seasons.

For example thinly sliced apples can be eaten instead of white bread at breakfast. They are both white, but you get more crunch, chew time, fiber, minerals and vitamins from the apple than the white bread and while white bread will contribute to blood acidity, an apple will not.

If you are really enthusiastic, check out cookbooks like Eat Yourself Younger Effortlessly and it will steer you on a clear path to realizing the dream of happy, healthy aging.

This is also a good time of year to seal a lifetime commitment to experience super health as you age. An idea like this will create a compelling attitude that enables you to seek out more information about the cancer fighting, chemical properties of fresh food.

Expect to get compliments about how good you look, and envision how well you will be, as you age. This idea is simple, scientific and secure but most of all it is the truth and can contribute to you having an awesome health experience as you age.

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