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Sunday May 22, 2022

Paid Survey Scam – Top 6 Sure-Fire Ways to Spot Them

If you gave online paid survey a thought then there are a hundreds of them on the internet. You can choose from them. A number of them are legitimate while others are just scams. Online paid surveys appeals to moms who wants to earn extra cash while at home, 메이저사이트 the unemployed who spends most of the time watching television, the elderly, the youngsters and the very greedy ones who wants to get rich instantly. These people are the victims of some sham online paid survey companies.

Spotting online paid survey scams is easy. You will undoubtedly notice the difference of legal online paid survey sites from the bogus ones with these 6 sure-fire schemes. All you need is a common sense for you to spot the taint.

1. Pay before joining
Check if the online paid survey site is asking you for a “pay” before singing up for a survey.

2. Earn big-big the easiest way.
These scam sites promises you a chance to earn up to a hundred thousand each year for taking their surveys. Oh snap! They pay less than $50. If these online paid survey programs offer a hundred thousand a year then everyone would be employed on their homes doing the survey.

3. Spoof proof
Of course, you always look for testimonials from survey participants to be convinced. Well, these sham online paid survey sites present testimonials except that they don’t provide last names of the people. Not to mention the flashy cars and big houses these people have earned. Go figure.

4. Number demand
Some online paid survey sites will ask for your phone number to “verify” your membership. Expect to receive calls and text messages from time to time informing you of a prize you’ve won. Responding to these messages will even cost you a lot.

5. “No” more
After taking the survey, you will then be automatically directed to other site. If you continue answering “no”, you’ll get more and more offers not until you’ve answered “yes”.

6. The “free issue” magazine
If you are registered to an online paid survey site, you will be offered with “free issue” magazine. What’s the harm? Besides, it’s free. If you are intending to accept the offer then you have to provide name, address and phone number for the free issue. The next thing you know, you will be paying for a year subscription through your telephone bill.

These are just illustrations of scams people have been encountering in the internet. Consider yourself lucky if you have seen it coming from a mile away. For those who have been a victim of this scam, you know better now

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