Oily Skin Care Is Needed in Winter Too!

ople with oily skin struggle all through the hot summer and humid rainy seasons, battling over-active sebaceous glands that make the face look greasy, create shiny patches, enlarge the pores and perpetually break out in acne. Come winter they heave a huge sigh of relief, thinking that they can sit back and forget about their skin problems and smirk as the dry-skinned ones fight their own battles!

Sorry to burst the bubble, but oily skin still needs special care and the best skin care products in winter too. In fact, many people report a new problem in winter as their skin goes from being oily all over to dry everywhere but the T zone. Therefore, you need to adjust your routine or maybe even use a separate set of oily skin care products in the winter.

Following are a few tips for caring for oily skin in winter:

• The cold or harsh wind on your face can irritate the skin and make it produce more sebum. It’s better to keep yourself covered with scarves/hoods or stay indoors as much as possible.

• Follow the Nu Skin 180 face wash same cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine as you do in the rest of the year. Use gentle and oil-free products (gel or water-based ones) as always.

• Do not wash your face often (even with water) as it will dry out the skin.

• Regular soap is not good for oily skin even in the cold of winter. Use a gentle face wash and shower gel. You have the leeway to go for a creamier product or a moisturizing soap thanks to the winter.

• Sunscreen is a must even in winter and always opts for a full spectrum one.

• Winter is the time when people tend to slather their skin with heavy creams to reduce the dryness. However, this can still make oily skin prone to more acne breakouts. Even if your skin feels dry, just use a good moisturizer. You can opt for herbal or medicated lip balms too.

• Even though summer is long gone, your skin still needs to be exfoliated regularly. Do it gently.

• In case you get an acne breakout, use a salicylic acid based product as it is gentler on the skin than something that contains benzoyl peroxide.

• Continue to opt for oil-free or matte makeup products at all times.

• Do not give in to the temptation of bathing with hot water. It will dry your skin which only stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more oil!

• Your diet cannot change much either – drink lot of water to keep yourself hydrated and eat healthy fruits and vegetables as usual.

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