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Monday Aug 15, 2022

Easter Resources For Children

Easter Sunday is March 23rd. This Lenten Season, leading up to the celebration that Jesus is alive today and working in the world, have your children color beautiful Easter Story coloring cards or give them a unique folding Easter card explaining what Easter is really about; God’s love for them.

Memory Cross, Inc. has created a number of great new ways to share the Gospel with kids and adults this Easter. Each Memory Cross card consists of four unique panels that make a never ending loop that will fascinate both kids and adults.

If your church is having a Easter Egg Hunt for the children in your community, why not tuck an Easter Plan of Salvation card in each of their Easter baskets along with the colored eggs and candy. Let them know that Easter is about much more than colored eggs, bunnies and candy. What a way to witness to them and their families.

Easter is the time we celebrate Christ’s death and resurrection. Inviting children from the community for an Easter Egg hunt is a great way connect with kids and adults. However we need to do more than just give out candy and Easter Eggs. The Easter coloring card is a fun way for your kids to learn the Easter story, while creating a really fun craft project. The Easter Memory Cross plan of Salvation is a brightly colored card that clearly tells what Easter is really about.

Think about sending either the Easter Plan of Salvation cards or the Greek Easter 2022 Story coloring cards that your children have colored to our troops deployed in Iraq and all over the world. This will not only entertain and fascinate the soldiers but will provide them with a clear message of what Easter is really about.

If your kids color the Easter coloring card and send to the troops, what a great way to support the troops and share the Gospel all at the same time.

If your church has shut-ins give them one of the Easter coloring cards colored by the children from your church or day care?

Memory Cross Easter cards also make a great resource for your children’s story time. During your children’s sermon, you can share the Easter Plan of Salvation cards with your children or use them with your Children’s church. Encourage them to take it home and share it with their parents and friends.

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