Dark Denim

The fit and cut of denim is important when you’re picking out a pair. It pays to know what most flatters your body shape. I can’t get away with looser, relaxed fits because of my small frame and I’ll end up looking smaller and shorter. I have to turn to skinny and straight cuts to balance my proportion out. Similarly, if you’re of a bigger frame, stay away from skinny/narrower cuts because that it’ll make you look chunkier. Besides the fit and cut, color is another important factor.

Dark denim is a wardrobe fundamental that every man should have. A good way to start is to have a dark blue pair and a black pair. The versatility of it is undeniable – dress it up with crisp shirts and lace-ups or dress down with a tee-shirt and sneakers for lazy days. Either way, a good pair will take you places. The thing with dark denim is unlike their lighter counterparts, you can actually get away with it at more formal events. I know a lot of people who live in their jeans and I am one of them.

Which saddens me to say that I am currently in the midst of a denim crisis; I have outgrown all but 2 of my jeans. Outgrown in the sense that I have been benefiting from my work-outs and I just can’t wear most of them anymore without looking constricted. I found new owners for them (which I felt very good about – because they were all in pristine condition and new) which means I am in the market for new ones.

Though it does take time to find ones that fit perfectly and look just they way you want them to, you can also fasten the process by taking your new and current plus size denim dress over to an alteration person that specializes in denim. Nipping and tucking the length of your denim, the waist and even the leg of your pair of jeans (narrow and straighten them or tapering) will ensure your jeans look like they were just made for you.

Black is a tougher color to find – most denims come in various shades of blue so if you find a black one that fits, take it and be sure to follow the washing instructions to properly maintain its color vivacity. What I find helpful is washing my jeans inside out with cold water and a bit of detergent and just hanging it out to dry. How often you wash your jeans is all dependent on your personal preference.

Black washes are perfect for those seeking a slimmer silhouette. A dark shade is classic and so universal and will go with most anything in your wardrobe. Be it causal work days, dinner dates and after parties. A dark wash will also allow a semi-formal look when paired with dress shoes and dress shirts. Stone washed jeans should be avoided at all cost.

A style I like is the denim trouser. With slanted pockets like the ones you get in tailored pants, denim trousers give you options and flexibility and are can even take you to the office. They also look dressier than the regular 5 pocket style. Again fit is important so be sure to check with the store if they offer alteration services. Most major stores do and some will even do it for free.

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