5 Barriers to Living a Successful, Healthy and Balanced Life Style

Barrier #1…Denial Syndrome Have you ever noticed how we tend to blame everyone and everything for how we are feeling? “He’s making me angry, she frightens me, he doesn’t make me happy, the weather makes me feel sluggish, I feel discouraged because it’s too hard to do”, and it goes on and on and on. We deny the fact that we are the ones responsible for how we feel. After all, it’s much easier to blame than it is to take responsibility. Our feelings become excuses for our actions and therefore put limitations on our true potential. The only limitations we have are those that we impose upon ourselves. Next time you feel a certain way, ask yourself, “What is making me feel this way?” Quit denying that it is your own thoughts, beliefs and perceptions that are causing the emotion in the first place. Once you have done that you can acknowledge and welcome it as your own and then just let it go.

Barrier #2…Believing You Have to Work Hard As a result of our conditioning, we believe that in order to become successful we have to pay our dues, put in our time, work our fingers to the bone and where there’s no pain, there’s no gain. How many times have you heard this? These beliefs that we carry create our reality, therefore imposing limitations on us our hole lives. The more we continue to believe this, the harder we are going to have to continue working. We struggle day in and day out just to make ends meet, yet struggle and hard work are both optional. Having things come to you with little or no effort IS possible. It is all a matter of choice and changing your thoughts. Start becoming more aware of what you are thinking and even more importantly, the words that you put to those thoughts. After all, awareness IS the key to realization.

Barrier #3…Doubting Ourselves and What We Do Self doubt is one of the biggest contributors to self sabotage. If we doubt what we are capable of and the things that we do, then how are we ever to get from where we are to where we want to be? Like everything else, doubt comes from our conditioning. Discovering the essence of who we are and our power to create; that we have so graciously been given, is key to clearing the doubt we carry. When and only when, we are able to travel the path of least resistance, can we begin to open up and allow our needs, want and desires to flow through. The river flows only one way. You can choose to flow with it or struggle to flow against it? Which do you choose to do?

Barrier #4…Underestimating the Power of the Mind Our mind is one of the most powerful forces in the Universe. It holds the thoughts and beliefs from all of our life experiences. There are many files of information that we have received that have been imprinted in our minds and that we continue to live by day after day. Whatever it is that we believe in our minds is always true for us. This is what creates our reality. From the day we are born we are programmed from the people and things around us to think negative. How many times did you hear the words, don’t slam the door,” don’t be late,” don’t forget to do your homework,” don’t holler,” don’t drink and drive,” and it goes on and on. The subconscious mind doesn’t here the word don’t. Let me give you an example that will prove this statement to be true. “Don’t think of a cowboy hat.” I know your thinking of a cowboy hat. “Don’t think of a pineapple.” I know your thinking of a pineapple. “Don’t think of a tiger.” There is no way you cannot be thinking of a tiger. As funny as it may seem, we are bombarded with this word from the time we are very young and then we wonder why we are getting the results that we are. Instead if I were to say, “close the door quietly”, “be home on time”, “remember to do your homework”, speak quietly”, drive sober,” it’s sends a totally different message. Practice removing the word don’t from your vocabulary and see the results that you are getting begin to shift.

Barrier #5…Taking too Little Time for Yourself Our days tend to be filled with work and kids and stuff that we feel we have to get done. We very rarely take time for ourselves. Sometimes we barely come up for air let alone take time out. So many messages and inspirations come to us each day and yet our overwhelm with day to day life takes over and we aren’t able to hear them. If we just take the time to ask and then listen to our inner self. We already have all the answers to everything we want to know. There is nothing to figure out. When you begin to trust yourself and become aware of the magnificence that you embody you will begin to understand that everything you ever wanted or needed is within you.

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