Community Progressive Jackpots

Online casino developers are always searching for new and exciting ways to engage their players. While the lure of multi-million progressive jackpots is enough to get any player excited about playing slots, some players want to be enticed by more innovative gameplay features. For these players, developers have equipped their games with unique features, such as the newly introduced community jackpot.

This is a fairly new innovation in the gambling world, providing multiple players with the chance to cash in on one generous jackpots at the same time. It is an encouraging prospect for any player who has just barely missed out on winning a huge progressive prize.

The operation of these games is fairly simple. Any player who has wagered on the game at least 24 hours before the jackpot is hit wins a portion of the progressive prize. However, the players who take advantage of the offer must meet certain requirements, wagering a minimum amount of money in order to qualify.

A popular example of this type of online slots game is Everybody’s Jackpot, designed by PlayTech. This is one of the newest community jackpots available in the online casino world, and seems to have perfected the format. Any player who wants to cash in on the prize must wager a minimum of $50. Players who meets this requirement in the 24-hour period before the jackpot is hit wins a portion of the prize. 70% of the prize is awarded to the winning player and the remaining 30% is awarded to all other qualifying players.

Some land-based progressives are also community jackpots. Slot machine developer WMS has developed a range of community slots that are connected via game banks. Whenever any player in the bank hits the progressive prize, players wagering on any of the connected games win a share of the jackpot.

Community jackpots are present in poker and bingo games, as well. These types of agen poker qq online¬†award cash to all players who happen to be present when the prize is won. A bad beat jackpot, for example, awards a progressive prize to the player at a poker table who loses a four-of-a-kind hand to an even better set of quads. The ‘loser’ wins upwards of 60% of the jackpot while the ‘winner’ and the remaining players at the table split the rest of the prize.

In online bingo games, most progressive jackpots are community jackpots. Should a player win a full house within the first 20 calls, the progressive jackpot prize is triggered. Similar to the bad beat jackpot, the winner earns the majority of the prize and the rest is shared amongst the rest of the players in the online bingo room.

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